Sports Eyewear

At a time when more of us now than ever participate in sporting activities whether competitively or for our own enjoyment your eyes and quality of vision must not be disregarded. This can be achieved with your prescription to help you achieve your goals.

Sports activities

The improved vision that can be achieved with correctly fitting for the purpose sports glasses or goggles will support your activity and enjoyment in the same way as correctly fitting running trainers whilst protecting your eyes in the same way as a cycling helmet.

Eye protection

Whether cycling, running, skiing or participating in field sports your eyes have an increased risk from the harmful effects of UV exposure so need to be suitable protected with tints and uv filters, whilst not forgetting the physical dangers to your eyes these outdoor pursuits also carry.


You may be looking for that small improvement in performance that gives you the edge over the competition and that might be with prescription shooting or archery glasses, swimming goggles or just the convenience of a good fitting lightweight frame that supports a earphone cable when working out in the gym. All of this can be achieved  with your prescription to help you achieve your goals.