Low vision dispensing
and lighting

Sight is one of our most precious senses and when it is effected it can be life changing. Reading the daily paper or watching that favourite tv program can become a chore, getting about whether around the home or out to the shops can become more hazardous or simply recognising a friends or relatives face can become harder.


Our service will aim to give you help and advice on managing with your eye condition, we will give you a easy to understand explanation of the condition whether to you or relatives so they can appreciate your changed circumstances, but most importantly we will aim to give you the tools to cope better and maintain your independence where possible.

Quality of life

We supply a wide range of products to meet the highly diverse needs of the patient suffering with a visual impairment, making daily life so much easier and therefore enabling you to regain maximum independence and quality of life.


Our work within the Addenbrookes hospital low vision service means we have the knowledge to provide the correct aid for your circumstance whether this might be a magnifier for near tasks, a telescope to maintain your independence when travelling or task lighting to improve contrast.

We will also take you through the wide selection of non optical aids that make daily living easier for example liquid level indicators for pouring drinks safely or the simple self adhesive bump-ons that make locating a key hole, light switch or selecting the correct temperature on the cooker all easier and safer.

We will also put you in touch with other low vision organisations that provide a variety of services including emotional support, IT tuition, mobility training and access to support in and around the home.